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  In 1984, Dr. Shiao took over and reorganized J.JOHN INDUSTRY CO., LTD. (originally established by Suchiang Group in 1978). After reengineering, we became the authorized agent for “LECHONMIX”, a perfect concentrate for piglets, manufactured by PREMIX INVE EXPORT NV, BELGIUM.

  Under all staffs’ great efforts and profession, “LECHONMIX” paved the way for concentrate feed in Taiwan and became the most popular, best-reputed product in livestock field. For more than years, the sales still remain excellent and establish J. JOHN as the leader in Taiwan concentrates market.

  We also import good-reputed animal health products from Europe and the U.S., sell vitamin-mineral premix, concentrates, water soluble medication, and feed additives manufactured by KAIMIGHT CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICALS CO., LTD. Because of strong and powerful activity in Taiwan swine market, J. John Industry Co., Ltd. has become a key company in the group. Up to now, we have more than 48 employees spread in five branched office(warehouses) through Taiwan to arrange the import, transport and sales of products with investment of US$17.5 million per year, standing on the top of livestock industry.